The Luvlash Story

Lashes have always been a staple cosmetic for me and quickly became my signature look. You just can’t quantify the transformative power lashes have as opposed to your makeup application without them. The downside is that you won’t find a more disposable cosmetic out there. Advantageous companies will claim otherwise, but whether natural hair or synthetic, cosmetic lashes appear dull, shed prematurely, and collect product buildup after a few applications. As a busy woman, I didn't have time to meticulously care for used lashes. Let alone justify $12-$30 a pair. Because despite their disposable nature, I've always thought luxury lashes should be more affordable, without sacrificing quality.

"We can deliver a personal experience, because for us, it is personal"

Our philosophy has been based on two key principals; Access and Affordability. As a customer exhausted by the high retail cost, I set out to find an alternative to a market that was steeply overpriced, for a product that was highly disposable.

LuvLash set out to change that. Through inception, we focused on our key principals to build an affordable lash hub where quality wasn't sacrificed by price. As an alternative to the industry standard, LuvLash drew inspiration from a subscription methodology by pricing our product respective to its level of disposability, making it more accessible to apply a luxury set of lashes for every few wears.

By combining the natural appearance of silk lashes, the flexibility of human hair, and density of synthetic material, LuvLashes were perfected using Imitation Hair™ to incorporate only high end features and proudly excluding undesired elements such as blunt tips, rigid plastic bands, and cruel procurement of animal fur.


Operating under the belief that cosmetic lashes should be accessible, essential, and revered, LuvLash  epitomizes the idea that luxury isn't always indicative of price. With the versatility of our Signature Lashes ranging from brunch appropriate to smoldering seduction, LuvLash strives to influence the growing market to revel in their love of lashes and inspire others to embrace their own curiosity to follow suit.

I see Luvlash as an inclusive online community where we collaborate, inspire, and create friendships with one another; a community that will expand from a virtual space to meets ups, events, and peer to peer opportunities.  And we plan to accomplish that one LuvLash at a time.

Your Fellow Lashist,


Founder & Brand Director